About Us

Did you know?

• China ranks #1 in the world with

  • The greatest number of operating hydroelectric power plants, and
  • The greatest number of hydroelectric equipment manufacturers

• China has some of the best equipped manufacturing facilities and labs in the world;

  • State-of-the-art quality control to meet or exceed European or North America Standards
  • Major laboratories to performance test hydraulic designs
  • The most experienced designers/engineers and established supply chain

• China is a world leader in developing high performance hydraulic turbines

• Sophisticated clients are seeking the best equipment solutions to:

  • Save up to 50% or more on equipment cost, and
  • Obtain optimized designs with world class quality at the lowest development cost

• JHP & Associates, Inc. can provide you with direct access to the best designs and the most qualified hydroelectric equipment manufacturers and labs in China

Who is JHP?

• Headquartered in Los Angeles with strategic offices in China
• We are staffed with highly experienced project managers, hydroelectric engineers and equipment designers, the best from China
• We provide our clients with:

  • Consultation with leading hydroelectric engineering and manufacturing expertise
  • Development of optimum equipment solutions, including;

Advanced design of high performance replacement parts
Complete hydroelectric equipment packages for turbine and generator

  •  Manufacturing and installation QA/QC services

What set JHP apart?

• We assembled the largest number of independent hydroelectric engineering and QA/QC experts in China to serve North American Clients best interest
• We have nationally recognized experts as top advisors
• We only use the best design, and the most qualified equipment manufacturers in China
• We have in house state-of-the-art National Hydraulic Labs for modeling and performance testing
• We can provide sufficient bonding ($50million current)
• We are committed to setting the standard for ‘Best Turbine/Generator Solution’, and to becoming a trusted provider from runner replacement to complete water to wire packages

Tianjin Tianfa Heavy Machinery and Hydro Power Equipment Mfg. Co., Ltd.
Tianfa is a highly experienced turbine/generator manufacturing company, regarded as the most experienced in China for major low head turbine design and supply. JHP is Tianfa’s exclusive representative and sales/service center in North America. Tianfa has built the following projects

+ Nearly 400 Power Plants, over 13,200mw commissioned
. Francis Turbines: 400+ sets (largest 3x170mw, 13.45ft runner)
. Kaplan Turbines: 240+ sets (largest 2x40mw, 17.75ft runner)
. Bulb Turbines: 320+ sets (largest 3×36.67mw, 22.97ft runner)
. Annual Manufacturing Capacity: Over 1000mw

In House Design/Engineering Experience
Our own engineering team have designed and commissioned over 400 Projects including:
Francis Turbine: 90mw; Kaplan Turbine: 40mw
Bulb Turbine: 40mw; Pelton Turbine: 50mw

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