Looking for New Turbine/Generator, or Runner replacement?

Our Mission:

+ Proven Design Solution with The Most Optimized Performance
+ Highest Quality Standards
+ Complete and Independent QA/QC
+ Shortest Lead Time
+ Comprehensive Turn Key Services
+ Most Competitive Costs
+ Highest ROI to Pencil Out Your Project, Guaranteed

The JHP Design/QC/Commissioning Team

+ Over 400 power plants supplied and commissioned

Our Experience and Capabilities:

+ Hiilangaay Hydro Project (FERC# 11480) in Alaska by AP&T, 5.5mw Pelton
+ Runner Replacement, Two 8mw 1686mm Francis runners with CFD for Hydro Dynamics’ Isabella Lake Hydro Project, Kern County, California
+ Yen Son Hydro Power Project

State of The Art Manufacturing Facilities with In House Hydraulic Labs

+ Nearly 400 Power Plants, over 13,200mw commissioned
. Francis Turbines: 400+ sets (largest 3x170mw, 13.45ft runner)
. Kaplan Turbines: 240+ sets (largest 2x40mw, 17.75ft runner)
. Bulb Turbines: 320+ sets (largest 3×36.67mw, 22.97ft runner)

Look No Further, We’ve Got You Covered!

World Class Design and Quality, with the Most Competitive Costs and Superior Services that no one else can match, Period!